Alden Welcomes Lackawanna Theater Students for Co-Production


This spring, Mr. Dabkowski and Mr. Kelly bring their theater departments together to preform “Winter Break.” Students from Global Concepts Charter School in Lackawanna and Alden High School are thrilled to be a part of this production.

The cast started their rehearsals in late April when they read their scripts for the first time together.

“One thing I’m surprised by is how good these kids are right off the bat,” Mr. Dabkowski said. “They have read through these scenes only a couple of times and come with an emotional weight.”

Portraying a high schooler can be challenging, but the students are adjusting and learning as they go. DeJuan Long Jr. is one of the actors from Global Concepts High School who is collaborating on this play.

“With different people you can incorporate better ideas into the play because everyone’s high school experience is different,” Long said.

The play will be preformed in both Alden High School’s auditorium and Lackawanna’s much smaller black box theater.

After a few short weeks of hard work the students are ready to preform this spring. Admission is free and they’d love to see you there!

Show times include:

May 14 @4 p.m. in the Alden High School Auditorium.

May 12 and 13 @7 p.m. in Global Concepts Charter School’s black box theater.