Join the Alden Teacher Mentor Program


Alden’s teacher mentor program has been a supportive initiative for new teachers since the late 1990’s. Coming into a new school as a first-year teacher can be intimidating, but with at least one friendly face in the school, new teachers can feel more comfortable.

Most of the newer teachers at Alden have been paired with experienced teachers who have lead them through their new experiences. Without this guiding friend to offer support, most teachers believe they wouldn’t have been as successful in their first year of teaching.

“It’s really essential that I had him to rely on in the first year. He helped me survive and helped me become a better teacher a lot more quickly than I would have if I was just out on my own,” said second-year English teacher Colin Dabkowski.

Alden administrators highly encourage experienced teachers to take on the role of a mentor and help their new colleagues. Help shape the teachers who are shaping our future generations!