Senior Spotlight: Tennis

The Alden varsity tennis team has two seniors for the graduating class of 2022, Jack Simon and Luke Amrhein. The boys are great leaders and set an example for the younger kids.

“As the two seniors, we really got to be leaders, try to set good examples for our team that is pretty much full of underclassmen,” said senior captain Luke Amrhein.

As one of two seniors on the team Jack and Luke have a lot of underclassmen’s eyes on them, but they seem to embrace it. They feel that they need to set an example for their teammates.

Senior night is a tradition among many high school sports. It gives them the recognition for their hard work. Jack Simon explained what senior night meant to him by saying, “senior night was a great night because it was my first actual start on the tennis team. I played third singles, so that was a pretty big moment for me.”

These boys are great leaders and set great examples of what hard work and dedication to your sport can do for you.