Putting A Face Behind the Name: Let’s Get To Know Jimbo


Do you play any sports? Have you ever gotten an athletic injury? Or maybe you just need someone to talk to?

WACS would like to shine a light on Mr. Jim Fecio, who we at Alden High School affectionately call Jimbo, and all of the crucial work he does to keep our players on the field. I had the opportunity to speak with a few students and teachers who have worked closely with Jimbo, and who could tell us a little more about what’s behind his smiling face. I was also able to interview Jimbo about his role in Alden’s athletics program.

Jimbo grew up playing all kinds of sports like bowling, basketball, softball, and volleyball. So it came as no surprised that he chose the career path he did. When he spoke to the Athletic Director of the University at Buffalo, he knew that athletic training was the job for him.

Jimbo hasn’t always worked as an athletic trainer for Alden, but something about Alden’s kindness, community, and openness drew Jimbo to stay.

The students of Alden High School are extremely appreciative of Jimbo and all that he does for the athletes, as well as the students. Jimbo is a kind face to turn to when you just need someone to talk to about all of the stresses of sports because he really does get it, and he has been through it too. That’s part of why he is just so approachable.

Jimbo tries to go to any games he can to support Alden’s student-athletes, and his positive face on the sidelines always inspires them.

When I asked student-athletes what they wish they could say or ask Jimbo, some of responses truly made me giggle.

“I’d ask him why he sometimes chooses the baseball team over the softball team?” Varsity Softball player Sylvia White said.

Jimbo definitely has got to answer this question because it’s making me pretty curious now, too.