Who is Alden’s Favorite Teacher?


Have you ever wondered who Alden’s favorite teacher is? I know I have.

Thats why I gave myself the task to figure out who it is. In order to find out the Answer to the burning question, I took to the halls and asked our very own students. Right away I heard one name more than the others: Our lovable health teacher, Mr. Paul Casillo.

I knew I had found my guy and immediately set up an interview to find out who he truly is and what makes him Alden’s favorite teacher.

When asked what his goals for the year were, one thing came to mind. Casillo is the reigning badminton champion with his partner, Edward Carll, here at Alden High School and he plans on keeping it that way.

“Well, my goal for this year, besides running a successful health program, is to win the badminton tournament again and get my name on the trophy once again.”