AHS Varsity Girls Tennis Team Season Recap

The final ball is served, the final point is matched. With a season record of 8-0, Alden’s varsity girls tennis team has won the division title against Springville for the first time since 2019.

The varsity girls tennis team had an amazing undefeated season with a record of 8-0. They clinched a division title, their first one since 2019. While the team went undefeated, many players had their own individual undefeated season, including singles players Ava Dimao and Kayla Becker, and doubles team Kayla Weglarski and Carlina Monin. Their season began in early September and wrapped up on Oct. 4, when they secured the division win against Springville.

“We won the ECIC for the division championship, and went undefeated in the division,” said Zach Stone, coach of the varsity girls tennis team at AHS. “We  have a lot of girls who work really hard, they like tennis, we come in, do our job, and we get wins. That’s what it’s about at the varsity level.”

“This season we had a lot of returning athletes. That can be really helpful because they have that experience that they didn’t have the year before, so they’re coming in as a more experienced player, so that can be really helpful. Obviously we went undefeated, so it was probably one of the better seasons in a little bit,” Stone added.

“To be able to win that for the seniors, and to win it for coach for his first time is super awesome, and it kind of gives me hope that we can go back to back next year,” said junior captain and 3rd singles player Ava Dimao.

For more information on the girls’ season, watch this video produced by WACS reporter Carlina Monin. You can also check out @aldenathletics and @aldengirlstennis on Instagram for a closer look on the team. Congratulations to these girls on an amazing season!