Iroquois Alden Fed Hockey: An Inside Look


The Iroquois Alden Federation Hockey team is off to a hot start with an outstanding 3-1 record. They stand alone on top of their division.

We were fascinated by the team and their story, so we wanted to get a closer and more exclusive look at what it really means to be a part of the team. We were able to get some interviews with Assistant Captain Jordan Stec, center Luke Pache, second-year defenseman Gavin Sparfeled, and even the team’s head coach Duke Ziegler.

To the ordinary person, the word “team” just means a group of people. But to this special group of players the word “team” also means a band of brothers with an unbreakable bond.

“We all love each other, ” said Pache. Stec echoed Pache’s feelings about team camaraderie.

“I’ve got some family on the team this year,” he said.

This proves to us not only that these boys care about each other, but that they will do anything to protect each other in the heat of the game.

Not only are these boys a family, they are determined and hungry to win.

“It’s a hostile environment, blood, sweat, and tears,” Pache said about the atmosphere on the ice. “Everything going into that shift.”

This statement describes what it takes to not only win but be a team player. We can’t wait to see what this team has in store for the season but we are certain it is going to be special.

The Iroquois Alden Fed Hockey team takes on West Seneca East on Friday, Dec. 9 at 8:15 p.m. at the West Seneca Ice Rink and Hamburg at 8:15 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 11 at Harborcenter. Follow the team on Twitter for more information.