NYSTEA: A Theater-Filled Weekend


On the weekend of Jan 68, 12 student’s from Alden High School’s Theater Club took a trip to the Villa Roma in Callicoon for the 26th annual NYSTEA Theater Conference. Students were able to spend the theater-filled weekend attending five different workshops of their choice to gain new skills in acting, singing, dancing, designing, and so much more.

“My favorite workshop was called Blazin’ Ballroom, where we learned different types of ballroom dance and that was really fun,” commented NYSTEA attendee Kayla Weglarski.

The workshops were taught by highly experienced teachers in all areas of theater to give the students valuable knowledge to take back to their own theater departments.

“The workshops really helped me learn more about acting and singing, so that I could be better at it,” Jared Baesen remarked when reminiscing on his experience at NYSTEA.

Along with the theater-based classes, students were also given downtime when they could utilize the hotel’s activities and socialize with other theater-thrilled students from all over New York State.

“I was able to try new things with them… I did different activities I wouldn’t have normally done through this weekend,” Mati Schmidt said when asked how the friends she met impacted her experience at the conference.

Throughout this weekend, not only did students learn so much about theater but they also grew their confidence and were able to express their true passions. All the students who went to NYSTEA thoroughly enjoyed their time there and the underclassmen can’t wait to go back next year!