Alden Varsity Cheerleading Competition: Behind the Scenes


Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a cheerleading competition? It’s a lot more then you might think. I was curious myself, which is why last week, I went with the Alden Varsity Cheer team to their competition at Orchard Park High School.

Throughout their fall and winter seasons, the Varsity Cheer team competes against other teams in the area. Coached by Shannon Paluch, the team creates a routine separate from the cheers they perform at football and basketball games.

This routine showcases some of the craziest stunts and tricks the girls have to offer, paired with music that is tailored to the team and a cheer that is sure to hype up fans in the crowd. With only 2 minutes and 30 seconds to prove themselves to the judges, the teams have to give their all each time and keep smiles on their faces no matter what happens on the floor.

Competing is a very high-energy experience, and it can be incredibly draining for those who participate. Throughout my time with the team last week, my respect for our cheerleaders grew immensely. Their ability to push through mishaps on the floor is something I think we can all learn from.

When asked about her thoughts on placement immediately following their routine, senior Gianna Dunn said, “Honestly, to me placement doesn’t matter as long as we went out there and did our best and had fun.

The team placed third overall in their division. Great job girls! For future updates about the Alden Varsity Cheer team, check out their Instagram @aldencheer19