Relax with WACS: Hawaii Edition


I took a relaxing vacation to the beautiful, calming, and breathtaking island of Oahu, Hawaii.

During the trip, I lay out on the beach and unwound while listening to the sound of the ocean waves, took scenic hikes through the surrounding mountains, and ate delicious seafood on the oceanside. I was blessed with the ability to take this time to focus on myself and have the opportunity to take a break.

While I was gone, I thought to myself that everyone that I left back at school deserves to feel these moments of relaxation and internal peace. This gave me the bright idea that I should bring a meditation video to WACS News. This allowed me to show the memories I created, share the pictures and beautiful scenes I captured, and share this feeling of unwinding all in one video.

Sit back, relax, and feel the power meditation can hold.