The Dyslexia Podcast Ep.1


This podcast is a discussion between me (Matthew Sugg) and Mrs. Zacher. In it, we discuss our struggles and experiences with dyslexia. In this video we discuss some of my early life with dyslexia and how Zacher had to educate her home district to give her dyslexic daughter the help she needed to succeed in school.

Alden High School is very active in helping students with their struggles. Unfortunately, not all schools are as understanding of the struggles students face with dyslexia and other similar learning differences.

“One way I want you to think about dyslexia is that it’s a superpower,” Mrs. Zacher said in the podcast. “So many dyslexics have gone onto be exceptionally successful lives: Steve Jobs; Walt Disney; Einstein.”

One of the things that impacted me the most was when Zacher made a distinction between a “special education” classification and a “learning difference.”

“I like to think of it as a learning difference,” she said, “Seeing yourself with a learning difference – understanding HOW you learn best — [leads to] success and great fulfillment in life.”