All About Meteor Showers

All About Meteor Showers

Have you ever seen a pretty flash in the sky and wondered what it was? Or have you heard the term “meteor shower” on the news but never really known what was going on? WACS reporter Matthew Cooper went to the Buffalo State planetarium to find all about meteor showers.

A meteor shower is when a bunch of meteoroids all pass by the same spot in the sky at the same time. To see a meteor shower, you should check the weather to make sure it is a clear night or look at astrology websites that usually have what the weather is like on that same day, so they know the possibility of the weather being clear. Sometimes it is hard to see meteor showers without knowing a lot about them or when they are.

I decided to make this video so people have a chance to see a meteor shower for themselves. In the past, I’ve tried to see a meteor shower with my dad but we were not able to see it because of the weather and a tree in the way.

”The next meteor shower is going to be in July and to August,” said Mr. Kevin Williams from the Buffalo State Planetarium.

With these new tips and tricks, you might be able to catch one for yourself this summer! Check out the video for more information and resources about meteor showers past and present.