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Keeping Alden Connected!

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Alden Restaurant News: When is Sophia’s Taqueria Opening?


Have you been wanting to go to a restaurant here in Alden, but just can’t find one that catches your eye? Well, you’re in luck, because we’re going to cover two popular restaurants here in the Village of Alden and have an exclusiv interview with an up-and-coming restaurant that people have been dying to hear about. 

First up, we have Geoffano’s Pizzeria. Geoffano’s is a popular pizza place here in Alden located at 12517 Broadway, and a great place to grab something delicious to eat with your friends or family.

“It is a pizza, sub, and wing takeout. We do have a few seats, but it’s mainly takeout,” said Jannett Becker, owner of Geoffano’s. “Unfortunately, we don’t have any gluten-free options, but we do offer other options for the gluten-free.” 

The second restaurant we have on our list is Nana’s Mediterranean at 12775 Broadway. Nana’s Mediterranean is where you can grab some authentic and delicious Mediterranean food for when you crave it the most.

“We mainly focus on Greek foods like chicken souvlaki, gyros,” said Mo, the owner of the Alden location of Nana’s. “And we also have Lebanese cuisine such as hummus, tabbouleh…” 

Last but not least, the exclusive story on the up-and-coming Mexican restaurant Sophia’s Taqueria located in the Tops Plaza on Broadway:

“I’m going to have different authentic stuff like birria tacos, I might dabble into some birria pizza and ramen,” said Sophia’s owner Ahmed Dali. “But also different kinds of bowls, quesos, nachos, things like that.”

So, when is Alden’s most buzzed-about new restaurant opening?

“Honestly with the build out I’m not quite sure yet” Ahmed said. “I’m hoping within two to three months max, just waiting on different permits and stuff like that to get set up.” 

For more information on some of these restaurants, visit their websites: 


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