Big Brother Big Sister Hosts Successful Halloween Event


Justin Evoy, Reporter

Throughout this year, Alden High School’s Big Brother Big Sister club is looking to not only change the lives of all children in the elementary, middle, and primary schools, but they are trying to help shape the future of many high school students’ lives. This club, which is now run by Mr. Turton with assistance from Zoe Guilliams, hopes to change student lives for the better. They are also helped by Mrs. Ludwig who works in the middle school. She identifies certain students that should attend the Big Brother Big Sister meetings. Zoe had stated that she believes the club is all about the children and is to teach the students that it is okay to go out and have fun occasionally. Also, they would like students to feel more comfortable throughout school and help them to meet more of their peers. The goal of having a Big Brother or Big Sister is to have them be a mentor and to allow the younger students to be a good community leader like them one day. The club is named Big Brother Big Sister because our high school students act like big brothers or sisters to the younger students. Big Brother Big Sister also hopes to gain more high school volunteers this year. Many of their meetings take place in collaboration with the seasons. This meeting took place near Halloween, so they carved pumpkins. The meetings take place in the high school cafeteria, gym, and occasionally the innovation lab. They have meetings once a month and this is when they bring the students over from the intermediate and middle schools to come and have some fun with the high school students. Big Brother Big Sister hopes to see you at their next meeting.