VIDEO: HS Surface Pro 1st Semester Check Up


Josh Kwandrans, Reporter

Hi, This week we interviewed Mrs. Moran and Mrs. Griggs and asked them how they thought the surface pro have helped the learning experience. The general consensus was that they have helped accelerate the learning experience for the kids as well as the teachers. Mrs. Moran specifically said that the surfaces helped her earth science and oceanology classes with understanding how the basic concepts of  oceanology. This was especially helpful for understanding how waves work. Mrs. Griggs said that the surfaces are useful because it saves the teachers much time because they don’t have to spend any time printing out pages for class. This is useful because it hurts the environment less because it uses little to no paper. Mrs. Griggs main points were that The surfaces allow them to distribute pages easily, this coupled with the fact that they can take the surfaces home allows them to get much more work done. Mrs. Moran’s main point was that her students can look at a virtual model of the concept they are trying to visualize, along with the fact that students can look up a topic they don’t understand. This is very useful during the living environment and oceanography courses. The teachers use a learning tool called Onenote, this is the thing that allows them to distribute pages and check students work. Onenote works great on the students surfaces. The key concept behind why the teachers love Onenote is that it has very good integration of the surface pen. Thanks For Reading!