Athletic Association

Justin Evoy, Reporter

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Athletic Association has done a lot of good in the past and hope to continue to do good things four Alden High School in the future. Athletic Association is run by Mr. Domino who is the advisor and the president, Lucas Bush. The club meets once a month in Mr. Dominos room. These meetings are only in advisement so they hope to continue to gain students at their meetings. They also hope to continue to gain school support as they continuously support the school’s sports teams. Other club officers include Sam Messing, Grace Pastuszynski, Ava Eichensehr and Sophie Loschiavo. They all work very hard to help and support all Alden sports teams. Recently, the club has done a lot of work with the boys’ basketball team. This work includes selling t-shirts bam-bams and they set up a stand where anyone can come and make a sign for a player. In the future, they hope to do this for all the sports teams. Also in past years, Athletic Association has put on tournaments during advisement and after school. These tournaments include badminton and dodgeball. Over the past few school years the tournaments have started to die out and there has been less participation but the officers of Athletic Association want to change that. Also, their main focus is to just get the attendance up at all sporting events not just basketball. As Lucas stated they also want to take a club field trip to see one of the local professional sports teams so if you are interested in that go to a couple of meetings and get involved in Athletic Association.