VIDEO: Booth Tour


Luke Drew, Associate Producer

I decided to make a video on touring the booth located in the Aden High School auditorium. In the video, I filmed all aspects of the booth. In the bottom of the booth Cole Erhardt explained the process of getting mics on for the cast members. He explained what the bottom of the booth is used for. Cole then put a mic on me and demonstrates what he does during shows.


I then took the camera to the top of the booth. I explained the use of the light board and how it works. Every light fixture is addressed and has a certain channel. I showed how to select the light fixture and how to control it. I demonstrated many different things you can do with these fixtures and a lot of their features. I also showed many other things with the light board and how we control fog from the board.  I then went on to explain why we have a mac. We have a program called Q Lab and I explained why. Q Lab is used to control every cue from the light board, so during the show you only have to click one button. I explained the process of programming and how most of the work is done before hand, to be prepared for the final production of the show. Trent explained the sound board and its uses. He talked about his process during the show and how significant that board is. Trent also demonstrated what a mic check is and why we do them before performances.   Overall, there is a lot going on behind the scenes to make the whole show look good in all. There was a lot of hard work put in by the techs for the recent production, “Mary Poppins”.