VIDEO: Alden Middle Fun Night Recap


Joshua Kwandrans, Reporter

Last week Alden Middle School held a “Fun Night”. The theme for this year was “The Jungle”. I talked to a few of the middle school officers to see how they set it up, how they are running it, and how they think it went this year. Their names were Kendall Shadle, and Nathaniel Bartsch. Kendall talked about the decorations and the photo booth. Nathaniel talked about the snacks that were there, and he was especially excited about the candy tiki bar. They had multiple things there, Including but not limited to a photo booth, a dance with a DJ, basketball, snack shack, and a candy tiki bar. The tiki bar was quite a success and the snack shack had just as many, if not more sales than usual. This was overall a great success. I personally attended the event. The dance was overall great. Though the music had to be PG the DJ kept the dance alive. The basketball and ping pong tables were more my style though. The pizza was provided by John and Mary’s. The other snacks that were there were sour patch kids, Huggies, Kit Kats, and Skittles. There was great attendance at the event. The gym had a large amount of people in it, although the dance had a lot more people in it.  Although Mrs. Laraba was unable to be filmed during this night she said “The night was a great success and i honestly think the kids had a lot of fun”