Senior Class Trip and Fundraiser


Justin Evoy, Reporter

Alden High Schools senior class officers seem to be very excited about their future plans. This year they have worked tremendously hard to get the first overnight senior trip in over ten years. The senior class will be driving down to Pennsylvania to visit Hershey Park and to get a good education on one of America’s bloodiest battles, the battle of Gettysburg. While in Hershey Park students can do as they wish but in Gettysburg the officers plan on having a tour of the grounds and learning more about the history of the area. This is necessary for the trip because they must have an educational factor in it. Also, while in Gettysburg students can go on an optional ghost tour. Most people are very excited about this and are very eager to go on it but you do have the option to stay in the hotel if you wish. This trip will be taking place in mid-May and all officers and advisors are hoping that you will join them in Pennsylvania. When the officers announced, the class trip they also announced the new fundraiser. Seniors this year will be selling bed sheets. The best part about this fundraiser is the bonuses that the students get for selling bed sheets. Every bed sheet you sell you get 10 dollars contributed to your expenses for the class trip. So the officers are hoping that this fundraiser not only will help the class and the students but they are hoping that it will bring more attendance to the class trip.