DIY Fluffy Slime

Alden Students Attempt to Make Slime

Some students were challenged to make DIY slime

Some students were challenged to make DIY slime

Hannah Roy, Anchor

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Fluffy slime can be difficult to make but these six students from Alden High School were up for the task. To make the slime we split up the kids into three different groups. First we have Samantha Bizup and Dylan Colosanti, then Tony Cometto and Justin Armatys, and finally we have Jordan Baker and Isabella Formanski. The steps to make slime are very simple. First you must put about half a cup to a cup of either clear or white glue. next you have to add in the exact same amount of shaving cream to the bowl as you did glue. Finally you have to add a couple drops of contact solution, mix, then slowly add more solution as you go until the slime is not sticky anymore. You can also add food coloring to your mix if you’d want the slime to be a certain color. Overall most of the slime turned out really good but if you mess up the recipe then the slime can turn out bad but also fixable. What do you think, are you up to the task?

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