Benefits of Being Involved in Clubs


Alex Rzepka, Sports Anchor

Being involved in day to day activities here at Alden High School becomes an entertaining task. There are so many different opportunities for students to become involved and join clubs. Clubs at Alden High School offer a wide range of opportunities. For example, the International Club takes trips around the world like in 2018 Panama trip. Clubs like athletic association are responsible for supporting athletic events and creating tournaments such as the badminton and dodgeball tournament. They played a huge role during home basketball games by selling bam bams and other Bulldogs apparel for students and families. Clubs like donate life help to put on the UNYTS Blood Drives and fund the Donate Life dance that occurs each year at the high school.

The clubs are broken up into 4 pillars here at Alden High School the School Spirit pillar, Wellness pillar, Youth Development pillar, and Community Service pillar. Involvement in clubs has lots of benefits for both a student and the community. Personally, I can say being involved throughout my time in the high school allowed me to become the homecoming king, which is voted on by teachers. Teachers and staff acknowledge the hard work we as students put in so being involved and diving into more tasks that are not required as students is also praised by staff. Students looking to further their education by going to college are at an advantage because colleges look in depth into if a student was either completing the bare minimum required to graduate, or was involved in extra-curricular activities. Joining clubs, especially as a freshman and a sophomore can help students develop leadership skills that can then be used for a lifetime. The opportunity to make new friends and develop relationships that are out of one’s typical friend group will allow students to have the basic communication skills that are seemingly mandatory in todays day and age. If you feel on the fence about joining clubs going into high school, take a chance and step out of your comfort zone as joining clubs and overall becoming involved in school was one of the most repaying decisions I have ever made.