Meet the Creeps Introduction


Matthew Robertson, Reporter

Theater season has official come back to Alden and this year for the play, it’s “Meet the Creeps” written by Tim Kelly. I sat down with Mr. Masci, the director of the play, to get all the insight on this spooky comedy. “Meet the Creeps is an Addams family type show where the characters are stuck in the past,” Masci says, “They clash with the modern day and that creates many comedic situations.” “Character is everything during this play,” he explains, “as you can’t hide behind singing and dancing like people are able to during the musicals, your interactions with interactions with people have to be real or the audience won’t believe the creepiness of the characters.” Masci also explains that our stage crew is unique in that it’s all run by students from start to finish and that they never get enough credit for all their hard work. I also sat down with some of the cast of Meet the Creeps to find out more about their characters and what they enjoy most about the play. “My favorite part of doing the play is that the cast becomes like family,” says Dylan Zielinski, who plays Prince Un Ravel. “We all build off each other’s strengths and weaknesses and are looking to put 110% into every performance. I also spoke to Erin Matthewson, who plays the part of Flora Limetree. She explains, “My favorite part is the getting to meet all the new people I the cast. The directors work really hard to make everyone feel comfortable being a part of the cast and it really shows on stage.” There are four performances that you can catch: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7pm as well as a special Saturday matinee performance at 2pm. You can buy you tickets at the door on online by going to I’m Matt Robertson reporting for WACS News.