Bulldog Manufacturing: Whats Its All About


Mitchel Browarek, Reporter

Today i had an in depth interview with Mrs. Buell a teacher who helps run the amazing program Bulldog Manufacturing. The first question of this interview was about what students can learn by taking this class. She replied by saying that you can learn many skills such as welding, grinding, and other basic skills you may need to work in the field. The next question i asked in this interview was what she plans to do to help this program grow? To this question she replied by saying that her and the other administrators of Bulldog Manufacturing hope to save all drawings made by students in 7th and 8th grade and creating a portfolio for all students who may wanna take this course in the upcoming years. After this question i decided to ask her how a student interested in the program can get involved. She said that to join Bulldog Manufacturing you need to take a few classes before. She also said there is an interview process with her and other administrators of Bulldog Manufacturing. Lastly she said that you need to be a Junior or senior here at Alden High School. To get more information on Bulldog Manufacturing you can talk to Mrs. Buell, the guidance counsellors, or any other administrator of Bulldog Manufacturing.