Surviving Homecoming Week


Erin Matthewson, Reporter

During Homecoming week it can be difficult to balance all the excitement especially as underclassman. Homecoming Week is one of the most anticipated and exciting times during the school year. The week is fun filled with many events, celebrations, and school pride. Events such as hallway decorating, Pep Rally, Homecoming Parade, Powderpuff game, and Football game are the most well known. Be sure to participate and bring the fun and excitement of the week to the regular school day.  It can be difficult to balance the constant school assignments, sports and play practices, and the school spirit events. So we decided here at WACS news to give you tips and insight on how we and other students survive Homecoming Week. I went to the Powderpuff Game and asked many questions to students in the community. Questions such as how do you survive homecoming week?, how do you manage to keep up your school work while balancing the the spirit event?, what advice can you give to underclassman?, what is the best way to show your Alden pride?, and what is your favorite event this week? The most common answers given were to make you participate and dress up! It’s a fun and exciting week and you’ll regret it if your not involved. I aspire that this video gives helpful advice from the WACS News team and Alden student to help you survive the Homecoming Week.