Girls Varsity Swim Class C Championship


Zoe Guilliams, Reporter

The girls’ varsity swim team has had a strong season this year. The girls scored wins4 loses and 1 tieThis past week on October 30th the girls headed to the Class C Championship Meet at Olean Middle School. Despite the long drive down, the girls finished with strong times and some even making it to finals.  

In order to go to class, the girls must make the required time. The times were posted in the pool, so they were able to track their times and know what times to work towards. There ended up being 18 girls who attended class. The girls who can attend finals must place in the top 16 in their event at the Class C meet.  

At the Class C meet there were 14 schools in attendance including Alden. It was defiantly a change of pace compared to normal swim meets. There is a constant flow of swimmers and events happening. The girls must know what they are swimming, which heat and lane before their event starts. After each event is completed and every heat has finished; the times are posted from fastest to slowest in numerical order to show who made it to finals and what time you placed at. 10 of the 18 girls moved onto Class Finals which was held on November 1st at ECC. Unfortunately, none of the girls placed in top 6 but their efforts were strong and positive. 

As swimmer our motto is, ‘Start unknown, finish unforgettable.’ I’m Zoe Guilliams Reporting for WACS News