Snow Day Rituals that are Guaranteed to Work


Zoe Guilliams, Reporter

Buffalo Winter weather has begun and has already made its mark here in Alden. The snow may be cold, dangerous, and painful; however, it also brings about the hope of a Snow Day. So, how do we go about making Snow Days happen more frequently? Here are some of the ways that we can shift the control in our favor.

To kick off the rituals make sure to enjoy some ice cream for dinner. Next, place a spoon and white crayon in the freezer which will be used later to be placed under our pillow at bedtime. Now throw some ice outside to make sure the snow knows to come and deliver a large storm. Taping quarters to the window and stacking pennies on the window sill lets Jack Frost know that we are willing to reward him if he brings snow our way. Another ice-related ritual is to dump one ice cube for every inch of snow you wish to have. Recently, I dumped twenty ice cubes. Also, try running around the dinner table five times as it helps to attract large storm clouds. I heard that the faster you run the more snow there will be.  After running, make sure to scream ‘Snow Day’ into the freezer so the snow can be scared right out of the clouds.

When getting ready for bed, make sure to put your PJs inside out and wear them backwards. This disrupts the atmosphere and if enough kids do this the snow day will be epic. Don’t forget the mismatched socks! Finally, place the frozen spoon and white crayon under your pillow and dream about all the snow you wish to fall.

Be sure to try all of these snow day rituals the next time you find yourself in need of just 24 more hours to finish that project, study for that test, or just turn that alarm clock off and catch up on some much needed sleep.