What is WACS News: Behind the Scenes


Quinn Stoltman, Reporter

My WACS News story this cycle was to go behind the scenes and find out what WACS News really is. WACS News is a fantastic class to take while you are in High School because it gives you real life experience such as time management skills. We use these skills by working to complete your work by a certain deadline. Students of WACS News have “cycles” that we need to complete. A “cycle” typically consists of 5 days of work that we get to complete our work assignments. On day one, we have a production meeting which means every member comes to WACS news with three potential story ideas. As a class, we go over the ideas and decide who does what, and when they do it. When we are done with the production meeting everyone gets to work by getting B-Roll, audio, interviews, and more. B-Roll is footage recorded to put over audio that is used in your story. In addition to all of this, WACS news has many jobs including producers, anchors, and reporters. In conclusion, WACS news is such a great class that has so very much to offer and it cannot be replicated by any other class in our High School.