Teachers Try: Christmas Craft Challenge!


Megan Harvey, Producer

Before Christmas break, Mrs. Tanner, Pressburg, Schaefer and Terech took on the challenge of the year, a tricky twist on last year’s ‘Teacher’s Make Holiday Pinterest Crafts’ video. The pairs were given the task to make a craft that in the end was supposed to resemble the grinch, however, one teacher was given a “nice” box, including all the correct materials, and the other was given a “naughty” box, including… well, “alternative” materials. On top of the challenge, your teachers are put to the test with some holiday trivia while they attempt to make progress on their kooky crafts. Their creations are definitely a sight to see, and the ladies will be sure to add some cheer to your holiday season! Happy Holidays from us here at the Wacs News Team to you!