Meet the Newsies: Davey and Les Jacobs (Ep. 2)


Dylan Zielinski, Reporter/Anchor

Meet the Newsies: This episode I got a chance to talk to Davey (Matt Robertson) and Les Jacobs (Jose Vazquez) about what they thought about the show. When Davey and Les’ dad got hurt on the job and laid off the boys must find work to help out their family. They decided to get a job at “The World” and thats where they meet Jack and the rest of the Newsies. Davey is a born leader and has a way with words. He is a major reason the Newsies decided to follow him and Jack into the strike. Les is a young boy who is very excited to join the strike (and not be in school) Both of them are ready to take down Pulitzer and get fair treatment for all the Newsies. Get your tickets at