The 12 Pains of Christmas: Alden Style


Erica O'Connor, Reporter

With the Christmas season coming to Alden, many people begin to become holly and jolly. People begin listening to all of the joyful Christmas music highlighting all of the wonderful and happy moments of the Christmas season. Although there are many happy things that accompany the holiday season, there also many pains of the holiday season. Some of these pains are highlighted in the song “The 12 Pains of Christmas” as a parody to “The 12 Days of Christmas”. At Alden Senior High School, many students began to recognize some of these things but more aimed towards the holiday season at Alden. WACS News Reporters Erica O’Connor and Erin Matthewson decided to showcase these pains in their version of “The 12 Pains of Christmas”. Students came together, sang in the halls, and reenacted these pains of the holiday season in Alden.

Throughout the video, some of the pains mentioned are:

-coming to school on Monday, walking in the halls, the heater not working when it’s cold, blankets aren’t allowed in classrooms, the school never closes, trudging over the snowbanks, doing chorus holiday concerts, swimming in the winter, dropping books in the hall, having no cell reception, slipping in the hallways, and having homework over break