Valentine’s Day Carnation Sale


Erica O'Connor, Reporter

Have you ever wondered what to get that special person while you’re on a time crunch at school? Do you want that one person that you’ve liked since kindergarten to know that you actually exist? Well you’re in luck! The National Honor Society of Alden High School is hosting a carnation sale for all the sweethearts throughout the school. For all of the students of Alden High School, they can purchase a carnation anytime during their designated lunch periods for only a dollar, that’s right, only a dollar. The sale is going on from February 10th through February 13th so get one fast and now. Yes NOOOWWWWW!! Don’t let that fear of speaking up stop you from making that move that you’ve never been able to do before! You can even send one anonymously if you’d prefer. Just get out there and support the National Honor Society today!