Survival Tips with Oliver Grylls


Matt Robertson, Producer

Especially in these crazy times, you should still be prepared for every situation that life throws at you. For example, what do you do when you get lost traveling in the woods and have to survive in the wilderness for a few days before rescue shows up? Well fear not, because I have the perfect solution for you. My longtime friend and survival expert Oliver Grylls has put together a guide of helpful tips and strategies to use if you ever get stranded in the great outdoors. Everything from finding fresh water and food, blending in with your surroundings, and even some helpful combat tips are covered in this great documentary. So use this as your guide to being a survival expert and never worry about wandering off in the woods again.

Disclaimer: This is a parody video. None of these tips actually work, so do not try them at home. Also, no unnecessary traveling or interaction took place. All footage was captured in my backyard with the help of my sister.