Soccer is back!

John Watson, Website Editor

With the return of the school year at Alden high school this also means the return of sports. Well, sort of. Soccer has returned this fall, but it has some new rules and regulations to adjust to due to COVID-19. Players will need to wear masks and will not have much of an opportunity to take them off. However, they will be able to remove the masks when they are doing extended physical activity.

I had the opportunity to interview coach Turton about some of his expectations for the year and about some of the new guidelines he needs to follow due to COVID-19. He explained what they did during the offseason to prepare and be ahead of the game on other teams. He also talked about how he is getting new players because of football being canceled by COVID. However, in the end, he talks about how he is grateful to be able to even have a season even if it does look a little different.