A look into Spring Sports

Spring sports are right around the corner.

With that being said, I decided to ask what some student athletes are thinking as they head into the season. Covid-19 is still an issue and is still affecting some of the fall sports going on right now, so I wanted to see what student athletes think about the effect of Covid-19 on their seasons as well as seeing if they are prepared for the shortened season.

Senior student athlete Tyler Noel brought up the point of student athletes not having the opportunity to prepare for their sport as much as they’d like.

“I’ve been playing travel ball, but some of the other kids may not have that advantage,” he said. This sheds light on the fact that some athletes may be unprepared for the truncated season.

Sophomore student athlete Ben Meyer explained that the teams are going to have fewer practices to get ready for their first game.

“I’m expecting us to have fewer practices to get ready so we’ve just got to make the most of the time that we have,” he said.

This could possibly affect the way that the season plays out. All in all, we are hoping for a full and healthy spring sports season.