Breaking News: Alden goes fully back to school


On Friday, May 14, Alden Superintendent Adam Stoltman sent out an email to all 7-12 students and parents revealing the news that the grades will go fully back to in-person school starting on May 19.

Alden students in middle and high school have been following a hybrid instructional model since the beginning of the school year. On April 26, however, grades K-6 were permitted to go fully back while grades 7-12 stayed hybrid. The move back to full-time instruction for all students was a big step for the entire district after months of having a hybrid schedule and not being in school five days a week per usual.

“Personally, I have been looking forward to this day since last spring and hope it is a sign of the
significant progress our community and country has made in dealing with COVID-19,” Stoltman said.

Stoltman also stated that he has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 cases within the district by following guidance from the CDC. If there are less than 100 cases per 100,000 residents, a county becomes an “Orange Zone,” allowing Alden as well as other schools to fully go back to school with no hybrid schedule.

“We are planning for all students currently learning in the hybrid model to transition to in-person instruction five days a week so long as the established threshold has been reached. If this is not your intention and wish for your child to transition from the hybrid model to 100% remote instruction, please contact your school principal immediately” Stoltman also said.