Community Rallies Around Cancer Survivor, AHS Senior Julie Bizub


Julie Bizub, left, walks with her boyfriend at the Kaely’s Kindness fundraiser walk on May 22, 2021 at Alden High School.

In summer of 2020, Julie Bizub found out that she was diagnosed with stage 2A skin cancer.

Although for most people this would be devastating and extremely negative news, Julie, a senior at Alden High School, always has stayed positive.

“To me it was only skin cancer and sometimes it’s still like that, but I’ve been coping with it better,” Bizub said. “Honestly I was kinda just chill with it. I was just like, ‘Ok, let’s see where it takes me see what happens and I’ll go from there.’ ”

Bizub’s positivity shone through during a recent fundraising walk for Kaely’s Kindness, a non-profit organization that provides support for teenagers facing cancer. The walk, held on May 22 in Alden, brought together dozens of Bizub’s friends and supporters, who joined her on an hourlong walk through the town.

The walk was the result of weeks of planning by Bizub’s friends and classmates at Alden High School.

“The idea that we have girls that have this motivation to help others and to get the community involved is a beautiful trait,” said Wendy Bizub, Julie’s mom, in a speech to the Kaely’s Kindness walk participants on May 22. “I’m thankful that you’re part of Alden, but most of all, I’m grateful that you’re part of our lives.”

Erin Matthewson, a 2020 Alden High School graduate and cancer survivor, was on hand for the walk to lend her support to Bizub and raise money for the foundation.

“The Alden community is honestly unlike any other,” she said. “We really do work our best to go out and support people no matter what they’re going through.”