Senior Sendoff: Fall Sports


With the end of the fall sports season, another round of senior athletes say goodbye to the sports and teams that they love. Here at Alden, the community, students and administrators all have a special place in their hearts for sports. With this being said, every year we must say goodbye to another group of senior athletes.

When asked whether they had any words of wisdom for the underclassmen, senior Bobby Kersten said: “You’re next few years are gonna be tough, I mean you should already know they’re gonna be tough but, you need to stick with it and you really just have to try your best because the attitude has to change now.”

This shows the impact that seniors have on a team and how much they care about what comes next.

“Cross-country is a sport, it’s a family, it’s a culture,” said senior Kyle Urban, adding that sports are more than just something to do after school.

Thank you to all the seniors and everyone in the community that make sports at Alden so special.