In The Halls: What’s Your Screen Time?


With the second semester beginning, teachers always ask questions to get to know us. A common question is, “How much time do you spend on your phone?” In this video, I asked students what their screen time is and which app they use the most.

Freshman Adam Frank was confused by the question and responded, “Screen time for– Oh, my phone?”

While answers varied, unsurprisingly, TikTok was the most common answer. On the other hand, most students had about the same screen time: approximately nine hours a day.

Finally, teachers can have some insight into their students’ phone habits. They’ll definitely still ask students about screen time and favorite apps every time a new semester begins, but at least they can have a general idea of what answers they’ll receive.

Are you interested in finding out how your screen time compares to your peers? Watch this video so you can find out.