Is Coach MacCowan Returning to Bulldog Football Program?


Matt Lamb opens this original WACS News segment called “Bus Thoughts”. Soon, Matt is upstaged by the image of Mr. MacCowan crammed into a small seat as we hear what he really thinks.

Alden High School Assistant Principal Mr. MacCowan dropped a potential bombshell dropped on Thursday afternoon: He could be returning to the coaching staff of the Alden Bulldogs football program.

While he couldn’t give us a definitive answer to the question of whether he’d be returning or not, MacCowan dropped some hints about what’s going through his head as the rumor mill churns.

“That is something that is being mulled over right now with my family, with other coaches that I’ve worked with in the past,” MacCowan said. “We believe that if we do this, that we could offer something for this program.”

Will it come to pass? Stay tuned to WACS for updates and thanks for watching.