Alden Freshman Hosts Second Annual Unified Kickball Game


On Friday, May 6, freshman Brianna Brunner held her second annual unified kickball game. Last year she created the event for her Envisions class at Alden Middle School, where she and her classmates were charged with creating passion projects to help others. The goal is to make the project sustainable yet enjoyable for years to come.

Students and teachers gathered around the field to cheer on their peers and support Bre.

“I’m rooting for the winning team,” said spectator Cassidy Bauer, an Alden High School junior.

Bre’s goal is to continue this project and hold a kickball game each year for the kids to participate in. Teachers like Mrs. Santiago are ecstatic about the project and amazed by Bre’s dedication to the event.

“The Envision Program students are challenged to take their passion and make an impact on others while thinking about sustainability,” said Mrs. Santiago in an email to event organizers and supporters. “Bre Brunner is an amazing example of doing just that.”

The game serves many purposes. What started out as an idea for a school project blossomed into something much more. This event gets kids outside and active and encourages them to interact with people outside of their normal friend group.

Bre talked about how the joy she sees on their faces makes all the time and effort worth it. While filming the game, we saw many bright smiles and lots of excitement from everyone involved.

When asked about her favorite part of the event, Bre told us it was “just seeing the smile on the kids’ faces.”