Blind Ranking TV Shows: Alex Wypij vs. Peter Amrhein


The blind-ranking trend has taken TikTok by storm.

People are ranking everything from snacks to childhood TV shows, but there’s a catch: They have no idea what shows they’re ranking until the moment they’re asked to rank them, and they cannot change the order at the end.

The Sturniolo triplets are gaining popularity on TikTok and YouTube because of the ridiculous (but funny) arguments they have in their car. Nick, Chris, and Matt debate topics such as Cheez-Its or even the alphabet.

I took these two concepts and combined them to make the ultimate blind ranking challenge. Alex Wypij and Peter Amrhein took to the challenge with enthusiasm and shared some strong opinions. Their challenge was to agree on the order of the ranking, which proved to be difficult throughout the video.

The TV shows they ranked were “One Piece,” “All-American,” “Stranger Things,” “Breaking Bad,” and “Outer Banks.” All five of these shows have landed spots in the top 10 on various streaming services, which brought about many close calls over where they belonged on the list.

While determining where to rank “Stranger Things,” Alex said he didn’t like it and Peter responded by saying, “That’s gotta be the worst take of 2022.”

Alex and Peter had many similar disagreements over every show they debated, and even traded a few light-hearted insults.

Watch this video to find out if you agree with Alex and Peter’s ranking.