Getting to Know New Teachers at Alden High School


As you walk through the halls on the second floor of Alden High School, you many notice some new faces in rooms 222, 224, and 226. But who are these new teachers, and what are their goals for their students? I had the opportunity to find out.

Miss Rzepka teachers English in room 222, Mr. Weatherbee is a special education teacher in room 224. And finally we have Mr. Sigurdson, who teaches social studies in room 226.

When Mr. Sigurdson was asked about his favorite part about teaching he replied, “Definitely the kids, I love being able to come in everyday and see a bunch of smiling faces ready to learn.”

“I try to make space for emotions, try to make space for real conversations,” Miss Rzepka said. “I don’t ever want to have a classroom to feel super tense. There is a way to learn and engage with one another and still be respectful and to care for one another.”

These new teachers are ready and excited to teach the next generation. If you’re interested in learning more about these teachers, click here to visit their teacher sites.