A Look Inside Bulldog Manufacturing

Do you know what the largest student-run company in New York State is? I bet you’d never guess it’s right here at Alden High School.

To spread the word about this phenomenal program, Bulldog Manufacturing opened up its doors to past students, supporters, and several of their big business partners this past Thursday. Students had the opportunity to meet future employers and show off some of the extraordinary work they have already done this year.

“Bulldog Manufacturing is a student-run company here at Alden High School,” said AHS senior and BMFG head of sales, Kyla Gustavel. “We handle real money, real customers, and real stress.”

“It’s one of those things where we try to provide and opportunity for our students that is really unlike anything else they’ll ever have inside of a classroom,” says BMFG Co-Advisor, Mrs. Rebecca Buell.

Bulldog Manufacturing accepts new members each year and is always up for anew idea or challenge. Be sure to follow Bulldog Manufacturing on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for their latest updates and products! If you’d like to place an order, click here to visit their website.