Inspiration In The Art Room: What Is It?


Inspiration. What does it mean to you? I interviewed one of the art teachers and students here at Alden High School about what it means to them and where they find it.

Inspiration is found in all art. It is what makes you feel some sort of emotion when looking at the art.

In room 219, Mrs. Cometto teaches studio and art, drawing and painting and advanced drawing and painting.

“Without inspiration, how are you going to know what you’re going to create?” AHS senior Peyton Zosh.

“If I was absolutely out of ideas, that’s when you look at the world around you,” said Mrs. Cometto. “You start to grab from all around you in that moment.”

If you feel inspired after watching this video, then go to the art club meetings in Mrs. Zacher’s room (220) during advisement. Stay tuned for the next meeting date. You can also go to you guidance counselor to see if you can join any of the art classes you are interested in.