Upperclassmen’s Advice to the Oncoming Freshmen

The halls are overflowing with freshmen searching for where they stand in this high school. After fighting their way through middle school, struggling to climb their way to the top, here they are, back at the bottom of the public-school food chain.

The Class of 2026 is finally here. Full-grown Bulldogs. But they still have a lot to learn about this new school before they’ll finally feel comfortable trotting around these chaotic halls. So, the upperclassmen thought it was time to give some advice to help guide the freshmen.

When questioned about the unfair stereotypes that circle around AHS upperclassmen, junior Taylor LaVarnway’s response to a question about upperclassmen stereotypes surprised absolutely no one.

“That we’re mean and scary, and that we push the freshmen into the lockers,” she said before switching to some serious advice: “I would say to actually try in school because this is where it really matters”.

So, to the freshmen, this year is going to be amazing, as long as you put in the work to make it amazing. You’ll learn quickly that you’ll easily adjust to the high school. So, good luck to all the freshmen for this school year!