Varsity Boys’ Soccer Closes Out Their Season With a 10-0 Record

Alden’s varsity boys’ soccer team won their division for the first time since 1993.

They worked hard all game, but it was worth it in the end as they overtook Holland 1-0 on Oct. 11.

The boys have had an extraordinary season, earning the division title. Their season came to an end at their second sectional game against Lafayette.

Sadly, on Oct. 20, the seniors took their last steps on the turf as varsity players. This season was one to remember.

“The seniors have taught me how to be more of a leader and just to be more positive with each other, they’ve taught me a lot about soccer and keeping calm in tough situations,” said junior captain Timmy Boucher.

“When we are practicing and we are going against each other, we go hard, so we make each other better,” said senior outside defender Greg Wrest.

Congratulations to the Varsity boys for an amazing season!