AHS Varsity Cheerleaders Fly Into the New Season

Take a look as the Alden Varsity cheerleaders fly into the new season. These girls have worked hard all fall to toughen up for all the upcoming winter competitions, all while standing by our varsity boys basketball team.
Coach Shannon encourages boys and girls to join the team and give AHS entertainment at boys’ varsity basketball games as well as to strengthen the team for winter competitions. The team works hard to provide school spirit and to put on a good performance.
“The biggest stereotype is that cheer isn’t a sport… that’s not true,” said Coach Shannon. “We don’t just stand on the side lines and yell out to the crowd, we compete, we go to competitions. It’s a rigorous sport and its dangerous and you can get seriously hurt.”
“Give it a shot,” Coach Shannon added. “You’ve got nothing to lose. We’re pretty good at getting people from knowing nothing to getting them competition ready.
We encourage students here at AHS to join the winter season. For more information, visit our Instagram @AldenVarsityCheerleading.