What Makes Alden Smile?


Dreem Wright

Alden High School sophomore Ryan Rivera speaks with WACS reporter Dreem Wright about what makes him happy.

Have you ever wondered what makes Alden smile?
We got the inside scoop at Alden High School to see what makes the student happy. They were able to show off what makes them smile.
Emma Slojkowski, who has been dancing for 12 years, says it is “really fun” and that “most of my friends are actually from dance.” Ryan Rivera, who has been playing his trumpet since the 4th grade says he has met many other musicians from competitions and that he would in fact make a career out of it if given the opportunity.
If you want to hear more about what makes people happy, just ask them. People love talking about their interests so you’ll definitely get some answers. And who knows—maybe the same thing that makes them happy makes you happy, too.