Edward Vega: Inspiring Aspiring Creators


Edward Vega, a master video creator from Vox Media met with students from WACS to discuss video and media production. Vega taught students about planning, inspiration, interviews, and more, exploring many aspects of creating content.

As an aspiring creator, Vega studied film at Queens College and happened upon its journalism program.

“Try to learn the basics of lighting, the basics of audio, basics of using a camera,” Vega said when asked about his advice for young creators. “The other thing that people don’t tell you is that you’ve kind of got to be interested in other things. If you’re only focused on learning how to make movies, you don’t have anything to make movies about. You got to have something that you want to say.”

To see the full conversation, watch the video above. For more information on Vega and Vox Media, check out their YouTube channel and website.