A Look Back: AHS Hosts Badminton Tournament


Every year in March the most anticipated sporting event of the year comes around and it’s here again. Look back with me at Alden High School’s eighth annual badminton tournament.

All eyes were on Mr. Carll and Mr. Casillo, who have won the competition as a team four times in the past. The other 27 teams were out to get them.

“I think Casillo and Carll got the win in the bag again, but you never know,” said Athletic Association Adviser Mrs. Osucha.

It’s was a hard-fought tournament, but Carll and Casillo did it again.

Tune into this video to see some highlights.

For more information on the annual badminton tournament, contact Mrs. Osucha and watch WACS Reporter Emma Evertt’s mic’d up video after the game.